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Expert legal services for wills and estates in the Wimmera

If a loved one has passed away and you have to deal with their estate, the solicitors here at Power & Bennett Lawyers can help. Whether it’s helping to draw up wills or handling affairs after a death, our lawyers can handle all aspects of wills and estates.

We can:

  • Make applications for probate
  • Transfer houses and other land to executors and beneficiaries
  • Collect in bank accounts
  • Make life insurance claims
  • Arrange transfer of shares in companies
  • Attend to the winding up of all estate matters

    Our lawyers John Adlington and Gary Nicholas can assist with all enquiries relating to wills and estates and are extremely experienced within this area.

    Why have a will?

    If you make a will, then this ensures that when you pass away, your assets will be distributed as you wish to your family members. Without a will, the government has a system in place whereby your assets will still be divided among your loved ones, but perhaps not in the same way as you would have liked.

    Why have a power of attorney?

    Nominating a power of attorney means that you can choose someone you trust to sign documents on your behalf if you’re not around. An Enduring Power of Attorney will appoint a person to sign documents and manage your affairs when you are no longer able to do it yourself, which can save a lot of trouble for those left to look after you. We recommend that anyone of any age should have a power of attorney in place.

    What is probate?

    Probate, which is Latin for ‘proof’, refers to the process of proving the will of someone who has died and showing that it was indeed their last will and testament. Those who carry out this process are referred to as the executors, who must also prove that they are the appointed executors named in the will.

    Once this has been done, the executors are given a Probate Parchment, which allows them to administer the estate and carry out the terms of the will. It also serves as proof of who they are. While it may not always be necessary to apply for probate, we can advise you about this as required.

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